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Uncle’s wines are made in very small quantities (1 or 2 barriques), all French oak for the white wines, new and old barriques for the red wines. There are two reasons for this. Less new wood influence, and secondly it was practical. Uncle’s wines are made with minimal intervention, mostly natural ferments with little or no manipulation. For Uncle’s, winemaking is to care and nurture something beautiful which nature has gifted us. Let the wine guide you and accompany you on its amazing journey full of passion, emotion and time.

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We offer flat-rate shipping costs so you can order as much wine as you want without having to pay extra!

Shipping within Denmark is DKK 100 and normally arrives within 1-4 business days.

Shipping to Sweden is SEK 200 and normally takes 4-7 business days.

You can also choose to pick up your order from our warehouse in Fredensborg, DK.

Read more about our shipping process here.

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