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What happens when an internationally recognized gin expert and a passionate winemaker

The search for the experience of perfect pleasure becomes an affair of the heart, and after intensive discussions, tastings and many days of distilling, a gin is created that combines everything that is important to both.

AAGIN was born from the vision to inspire both the senses and the mind, and is the distilled union of passion, experience, and tradition.

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A Gin With A History

According to the story, a winemaker named Alfons Albrecht experienced a disaster in 1909 when bad weather ruined his crops. He was left with no wine and in the end, he had to sell his winery due to high debt.


On a trip to England, Albrecht had his first taste of original London Dry Gin – a round and dry juniper drink. While walking through a fragrant rose garden, he got the idea to add the essence of roses to the recipe.

Aroser Allee and Homage to the Berlin Belle Epoque

AAGIN founder and winemaker Markus Haas (Weingut Johanninger) discovered the boiler house of the former luxury paper mill Albrecht und Meister on Aroser Allee. This is where the vision of the AAGIN distillery was born and the place that is now home for producing this hand-crafted gin.

Markus and Dr. Klaus Hagmann, an international gin expert & master distiller, collaborated to develop what was to become a high-quality gin composition – one that reflects the place of its founding, its history, and the associations related to it as a homage to Berlin’s magnificent Belle Époque in its inner and outer aesthetics – AAGIN.

Seductively fruity and complex bouquet of carefully selected botanicals, such as the scent of magnificent rose gardens, spicy notes of coriander and cardamom, fresh citrus fruits and pure Berlin drinking water.



AAGIN Dry Gin is characterized by its intensely fruity bouquet with a clear note of juniper. Handmade, delicately fruity Berlin gin, refined with selected botanicals to create a unique, aromatic experience. Born from a vision to inspire both the senses and the mind, AAGIN Dry Gin is a perfectly distilled union of passion, experience, and tradition.

Also from AAGIN

AAGIN Botanicals

Pure Taste - AAGIN Botanicals

AAGIN blends their botanicals pure and in large quantities in their still with Wittenberg fine wheat distillate. Your senses will take you on a journey.
Pure enjoyment!

Juniper | Angelic sweet | Fennel seeds | Grapefruit | Ginger | Cardamom | Coriander | Lavender | Rose petals | Red pepper | Black currant | Cinnamon

Cocktails & Mixology

Delicately fruity AAGIN is not only meant to be enjoyed neat. It is also perfect for mixing cocktails or food pairing.

With the carefully selected botanicals, classic cocktails can be reinterpreted and new, exciting creations can be conceived.

Create your favorite gin cocktail, or find more inspiration her.

AAGIN and Tonic
AAGIN & Tonic
AA Martini Classic
AA Martini Classic
AAGIN French 75
AA French 75

AAGIN - The Spirit of Berlin


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